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Books authored or co-authored by Andrew Binstock

   Programming for Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology
Andrew Binstock

An in-depth examination of the ramifications of programming for 64-bit environments, including: porting to 64 bits; how the OS treats 64-bit programs differently; paging and memory access with EM64T; plus Java and .NET considerations for 64-bit environments.
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Practical Algorithms for Programmers
Andrew Binstock and John Rex

Now in its 14th printing, this comprehensive anthology of practical algorithms includes numerous forms of string search (Boyer-Moore, multiple string search, Soundex, and grep), eight sorts (including sorting linked lists), hashing functions, three kinds of binary trees, complete date and time routines (with historical calendar anomalies), arbitrary-precision arithmetic, and four data-compression algorithms (including LZW), and checksums. In ANSI C.
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Programming with Hyper-Threading Technology
Richard Gerber and Andrew Binstock

An in-depth examination of threading APIs for x86 processors (including Pthreads, Windows threads, and OpenMP and how they can be used to obtain the benefits of Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel's implementation of symmmetric multithreading. Code in ANSI C.
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HP LaserJet Programming
Andrew Binstock, David Babcock, Marv Luse

A complete guide to HP PCL III, including generation of graphics and barcodes in memory prior to printing. Word-processor formatting included (using WordPerfect--in 1991 when this book was written it was the market leader.) Code in C.
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